UX / UI means User Experience / User Interface which is studied by the designers so that they can give the right advice to their users. Designers have to explain to the users all the businesses, brands, new resources, etc. of the world in a very balanced manner. UX/UI makes any product fit, beautiful and simple. Recruiters hire UX/UI Designers for web development.

  • Knowing User Experience
  • Research about users
  • Telling users about your product and explaining its needs
  • Designing your ideas according to users
  • Improving and Prototyping Your Design
  • Must have correct knowledge of all facts like graphics, features, colors , etc.
  • Sharing your design on one screen and using the software properly like creating a mobile application
  • After preparing UX / UI Design, market research is also included in it, then a design is considered complete.

Most of the work of UX / UI Designer is related to designing itself.

Designers have to give the right shape, image, color, text, etc. to their project.

The idea and theme of the project are both the work of the designer.

After designing the project completely, the UI Designer prepares and finalizes the project.

Designers have to promote their projects on their own.